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Watering machine on KAMAZ-43502

It is used for year-round use for the maintenance of paved roads with solid surface. In summer the machine is used with watering and plow-brush equipment for cleaning and watering of road surfaces, cleaning of a tray with strip and watering of green plantings.

In winter the machine is used to cleaning the snow from the roadway.


  • The engine: KAMAZ-740.31-240
  • Maximum engine power: 176 (240) kW (HP)
  • Fuel tanks: not less than 210L
  • Tires: 425/85 R21
  • Processed strip width when washing: 8.5 m
  • Processed strip width when watering: up to 20m
  • Front snow blade: working Width: not less than 2600mm
  • The angle of rotation in terms is relative to the transverse axis of the machine: ±30°
  • The height of remove layer of freshly fallen snow, m - 0.2.


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