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Modernization of the radar P-18

Modernization of the radar P-18 - this is the replacement of outdated analog equipment station on a new set, made on the basis of new technologies, solid performance, in order to improve the operational and technical characteristics of the P-18 radar, increased noise immunity, reliability, improved ergonomic working conditions at the plant, extending the l ife of P-18 radar.

Installation accessories for the modernization P-18 radars:

  • Transceiver equipment tract;
  • Devices of control station (with CCTV);
  • Workstations: APM of the operator, APM-B of the operator (the portable workstations with the possibility of removal from the P-18M radar at a distance of500 meters);

Interfacing device with IFF.

Modernization of P-18 radar includes:

  • The availability of modern means of air conditioning, heating and ergonomic working conditions for computations, maintenance and repairs.
  • Installation of modern systems of independent power supply (SIPS), consisting of two diesel generators to ensure the combat operation of the radar in all modes.
  • The warranty period on the modernized radar P-18 (M) - 12 months / 5000 hours from the date the radar starts the operation on the technical position of the operating hand.
  • Provides work for services (technical support) modernized radar P-18M end of its life (supplementary agreements).

The calendar service life of at least 12 years.


  • Manufacturing, configuration, commissioning and training of retrofit kits;
  • Preparation of P-18 radar to modernization;
  • Reconditioning of not modernized part of the radar;
  • Adjustment of staffing and technical and operational documentation;
  • Installation and commissioning of a set of equipment for the modernization of radar P-18;
  • Acceptance tests of the modernized radar P-18M;
  • Commissioning of the modernized radar P-18M on-site deployment of products.


  • Digital automatic equalizer of active noise interference;
  • MTI system operation throughout the detection distance;
  • Calculation of detection zones at state radar (RK territory);
  • Showing aeronautical information to display APM 85273 A possibility of radar radiation, and the equivalent antenna;
  • Electronic control of the antenna rotation;
  • Ergonomic working conditions for computation, maintenance and repair of radar.



  • Maximum detection range 360 km
  • Minimum detection range < 8 km
  • Target detection range with a probability of p = 0.8 to heights bearing target MIG-21 type (ER = 2,6 sq.m.)
  • At an altitude 3 000 m <140 km
  • At an altitude 10 000 m <250 km
  • At an altitude 20 000 m <270 km
  • Power consumption Not more than 10

Accuracy of coordinate measuring

  • range < 250m
  • azimuth < 25min
  • Capacity (number of processed for the purposes of the review period, 10) Not less than 100
  • Restructuring of the operating frequency Electronic
  • The tuning range 140 - 170MHz
  • Signal Processing Digital
  • Automated workplace (APM) - two sets (one is a tanker with the distance from the radar to 500 meters) On the base of PC


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