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Three-axis radar «NUR»

Three-dimensional radar is designed to detect and track highly maneuverable aircraft with strong interference and electronic jamming.

Three-radar provides the following tasks:

  • Display of the primary information about air situation;
  • Secondary radar data processing;
  • Detection and automatic tracking of air targets at the background reflections from the underlying surface, and local subjects in the conditions of electronic countermeasures;
  • Determination of the spatial coordinates of air objects (range, azimuth, elevation) and the en-route information (speed, course);
  • Determination of the nationality of air objects (Password);
  • Protection against active and passive jamming weak and strong intensity;
  • Pre-classification of aircraft;
  • Direction finding suppliers of active noise interference and determining their azimuth and elevation;
  • Issuance of radar information to consumers;
  • Calculation of the detection zones at distances of radar on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, according to the survey and using the built-in navigation systems and geographic information systems;
  • Ensuring documenting combat operation radar with voice recording (recorder Voice Messaging (RVM), recording time is not less than 200 hours of data removal software combat documentation on removable media and display combat operation on a personal computer (PC) in isolation from the workstation (APM);
  • Inclusion and management of the radar of the cab, and with the removal of APM;
  • Provision of a functional radar control, troubleshooting up to the module.

The calendar service life of at least 20 years. The warranty period of the radar and its equipment, including components and products purchased at least 12 months. Working hours and the warranty period starts from the date of signing of the final acceptance certificate. Mandatory after-sales preventive maintenance and technical support (service) radar, as well as spare parts for the entire turnaround time service under separate agreements.


  • Detection parameters
  • maximum range not less than 470km
  • minimum range not more than 5km
  • angle of elevation 0^20°
  • elevationelevation not less than 30km
  • Bandwidth Centimetric
  • Accuracy of coordinate measuring
  • range not more than 50m
  • elevation (range 200 km) not more than 400m
  • azimuth not more than 0,3°
  • Time to failure 3 000 hour
  • The pace of information update 6 sec.
  • Resolution capability
  • range not more than 250m
  • azimuth not more than 3°
  • Readiness for operation not more than 50 min
  • Readiness for operation with applied power not more than 5 min


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