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Boat "FC-19"

Designed for the protection of national territorial waters of the state border and the continental shelf, patrols to prevent illegal shipping, smuggling, piracy and illegal fishing, the fight against small vessels (with bide), interception and inspection of vessels-violators. High speed and maneuvering qualities of the boat allow you to fight effectively against fast moving targets-violators of the Maritime state borders and poachers.

Performance characteristics:

  • Overall length: about 20.2 m
  • Overall width on the body (excluding fendering): about 4.3 m
  • Board height: about 2.5 m
  • Displacement normal: about 28,0 t
  • Draught at midship: approximately 0.95 m
  • Speed: 46-50 knots
  • The autonomy of the reserves of fresh water and provisions: 3 days
  • Crew: 8 people (4 members of crew, 4 passengers)
  • The cruising range of economic speed: about 400 miles
  • The boat is equipped with modern communication and navigation.


Уральский завод «Зенит»