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Training of pilots

The Flight Navigation Procedures Trainer (FNPT III) is based on the twin-engine helicopter EC 145. The FNPT III simulator aims at improving crew skills, situation awareness and decisionmaking. The innovative solution provides pilots with realistic training, which generates distinctive flight scenarios.

A brand new EC 145 flight simulator in Astana. Respecting the higher standards from EASA, ICAO as well as criterias of the local aviation authorities of CIS countries.


  1. Increase mission proficiency through recurrent simulation training while avoiding risks and incidents related to helicopter training flights;
  2. Reduce potential human errors;
  3. Lower your operating costs;
  4. Take advantage of our instructors experience and expertise;
  5. Benefit from a complete training solution within Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering from ground to flight instruction.

Technical characteristics

  • Full scale replica of the EC 145 modern cockpit instrumentation including VEMD, GPS, GNS 430, radio Altimeter, Artificial Horizon, VOR/DME/ILS, autopilot
  • Multi-crew-cooperation approved
  • Very detailed visual cues: realistic reproduction of numerous flight conditions in real time (i.e.: IMC, weather conditions, system failures, Astana environment)
  • VFR and IFR training
  • Modern visual system (Full flight dome)

Initial & recurrent training

Degraded Visual Environment: be ready to face any critical situation by training yourself in low visibility with bad weather recovery, unusual positions and spatial disorientation;

Emergencyprocedures: complete various emergency procedures, such as Engine Flame Out, Autorotation, Vortex, Electric Failure, Systems Malfunctions (Hydraulic, Fuel etc.).

Confined areas: experience landing in various locations such as mountains, urban fields or helipads.

Mountain Flight: learn to apprehend a mountainous environment with helicopter degraded performances.

Refreshers: IFR, normal procedures, start up procedures.


  • NVG simulation
  • EMS mission
  • Oil & Gas mission training
  • Police and Special Forces


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