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ЕС145 — the ideal multi-purpose helicopter

In operations on land and at sea, ЕС145 is a leader in its class among the helicopters of the middle class and categories of helicopters with two engines. With up to 12 seats for pilots and passengers, this multi-purpose helicopter combines the latest developments of the company "Eurocopter", such as modern design interior, advanced avionics systems and electronics. ЕС145 offers a proven hingeless rotor system with a monolithic titanium hub and enhanced rotor blades that ensure low noise and vibration. The helicopter is equipped with two ЕС145 TurbomecaArriel 1E2 engines that deliver high performance and significant power reserves even in cases when one of the engines was not working.The reliability of two engines of the helicopter ЕС145 increases at the expense of a fully separated fuel system, a tandem hydraulic system, dual system electronics and backup lubrication system of the main transmission. In addition, integrated safety aspects include energy-absorbing fuselage and seats, as well as shock-resistant fuel cells. Also, the helicopter ЕС145 allows to perform operations in category A, until the class 1 transactions according to the uniform aviation requirements for commercial air transport JAR-OPS 3. In comparison with other helicopters in its class, ЕС145 offers a much larger interior, which provides excellent visibility for pilots, crew and passengers, protomyzon without partitions and a unique opportunity for side and rear loading.


  • Operations on providing law and order
  • Transportation of passengers
  • Emergency medical assistance
  • Search and rescue operations
  • The disaster management
  • Operations on oil and gas


  • Passenger capacity: 1 pilot + up to 9 passengers
  • Weight
  • Maximum take-off weight: 3 585 kg
  • Maximum weight of external load: 1 500 kg
  • Tank capacity: 694 kg
  • Engine
  • 2 turboshaft engine-TURBOMECA
  • ARRIEL 1E2
  • Take-off power 2 x 550 kW
  • Performance characteristics
  • Maximum speed: 278 km / h
  • Cruising speed: 256 km. h
  • Operating limitations
  • Service ceiling: 5 m 485 Min./
  • Max. temperature: 45°C / + 45°C