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    “National Company “Kazakhstan Engineering” Joint-Stock Company announces about the transfe...


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    “National Company “Kazakhstan Engineering” Joint-Stock Company announces about the transfe...


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Social responsibility

According to results of a study on employee engagement in the Company approved an Action Plan, which provides:

1) The introduction of collectives Institute mentoring to adapt young professionals taking over their experience and continuity of generations, to strengthen the corporate spirit, skills development, improving initiative;

2) the inclusion in the collective agreement provisions Article 284 paragraph 2 of the Labour Code of the RK;

3) improving catering for factory workers;

4) improvement of working conditions (insulation workshops, ventilation of premises etc).

Approved media plan, which is implemented in accordance with the terms therein.

On the basic principles of corporate social responsibility:

1) human rights

The entities of the group of companies of human rights violations are not allowed.

2) in the field of labor relations

Staff Motivation Group companies carried out through the implementation of corporate social areas: financial incentives; work with youth, veterans; cultural and sports events; social security, employee recognition for hard work, education, training, retraining and advanced training, and so.

3) in the field of environmental protection

In accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Code, the enterprise has developed environmental action plans that are implemented in accordance with the latest specifics of their work.

4) in the area of relations with society (assistance in the implementation of government programs, providing sponsorship etc)

In accordance with the Government of the RK "On the concept of support and development of competitive youth for 2008 and 2015." Enterprises are established and operate Youth Councils, whose main aim is the development of creative activity among young people, improving their training, social support for young families, youth to a healthy lifestyle.

Measures for the Victory Day celebration, with charity for war veterans and home front workers in the field. Also, the provision held sponsorkoy / charity care in accordance with the approved and agreed "Samruk-Kazyna" plan.

5) in the fight against corruption

The entities of the group Companies corruption offenses are not committed.

6) in observance of the rights of suppliers of goods, works and services

The right of suppliers in the performance of contracts enforced.