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Internal audit service

About the Internal Audit Service of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Engineering "

In accordance with the decision of the Board of Directors, Minutes of June 28, 2010, № 60, The service consists of three employees, including the head of the Service, and two auditors. Currently vacant post of head of the Service.
In accordance with the internal regulations Services workers meet qualification requirements. Have:
- Diploma Internal Audit (UK);
- Audit Specialist (Kazakhstan);
- Various certificates in the courses and training to improve the skills.

Goals and objectives of internal audit: 
- The mission of the Service is to provide the necessary assistance to the Board of Directors and executive management of the Company in carrying out their responsibilities to achieve the objectives of the Company.
- In collaboration with diabetes and management of the Company is involved in the improvement of risk management, control and corporate governance in order to ensure the effectiveness of the risk management process, the reliability and effectiveness of internal controls, the completeness and accuracy of financial and management reporting, compliance with the law.
Manage internal audit:
- Annual planning;
- Planning the audit engagement;
- Preparation of audit program;
- Auditing, discussion of problems;
- Preparation of the report;
- Harmonization of the report;
- Release of the report;
- Monitoring the implementation of the action plan.

Organizational Structure:
Service - Audit Committee - The Board of Directors of the Company.

Regulatory framework:
- Law "On Joint-Stock Companies"; 
- Law "On Auditing", etc; 
- International Standards on Auditing (ISA); 
- Regulation on the NEA Company. 
- Recommendations on the organization of the internal audit system.

The Board of Directors from January 8, 2014 Head of Internal Audit was appointed Madieva Aizhan Maratovna.