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Key performance indicators

The results of the financial and operating activities of the Company for 2016

JSC NC Kazakhstan engineering achieved the main objectives set by the Sole shareholder in 2016. Today, the Company has a great potential for the development of the machine-building industry in Kazakhstan. New investment projects are being implemented. The company develops various sub-sectors of mechanical engineering and strives to implement them together with international leaders. This is evidenced by the positive dynamics of the company's production and financial indicators.

The company's share in the engineering industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2016 was 10%. At the same time, compared to 2010, the company's group sales revenue increased 4.5 times, and labor productivity increased 4 times.

Share of JSC NC "Kazakhstan engineering" in industry

Share of Kazakhstan engineering NC JSC



in industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan



in manufacturing industry



in mechanical engineering



volume of industrial production by type of economic activity, billion tenge

For 2016, the consolidated revenue from sales amounted to 71.3 billion tenge (112% compared to the actual indicator of 2015).

Key performance indicators for the Company group









growth Dynamics.
2016 to
& nbsp; 2010

Revenue from sales,
(billion tenge)








4.5 times

(billion tenge)









Labor productivity
(thousand tenge/person)

Three thousand six hundred five

Six thousand five hundred sixty

Ten thousand seven hundred sixty three

Twelve thousand eight hundred sixty eight

Eleven thousand seven hundred ninety four

Twelve thousand five hundred ninety five

Fourteen thousand two hundred seventy five

4 times

Average monthly salary
(thousand tenge)








1.9 times

Investment activity of the Company

In accordance with The company's Investment policy, the goal of the company's investment activity is to maximize The company's value in the long term.

the Main principles of investment policy are:

  • integration of strategic goals into the investment decision-making process.
  • use of investment evaluation tools when making investment decisions.
  • using project management tools and procedures in managing investment activities.
  • balance of budget control and the degree of managerial freedom of managers responsible for the company's investment performance.
  • mandatory monitoring, evaluation and analysis of investment performance.& nbsp;

in 2016, the Company completed the implementation of the following investment projects:

"Creation of a center for the production of electronic-optical devices"

The project is aimed at meeting the needs of the defense industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan in electronic and optical devices by creating a local technological production as part of the strategy to increase the content of goods and services in the domestic market of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

within the project:

  • the construction of a building with an area of 10 thousand m2 was completed;
  • high-tech equipment for the production of electronic-optical devices was purchased;
  • 115 permanent jobs created;
  • for the period from 2014-2016, 9,812 pieces of electronic-optical devices were sold for the needs of the Armed forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

"development of marine shipbuilding at JSC" Ural plant "Zenit" for the development of production of a new class of vessels with a dry weight of up to 600 tons and other large-sized products"

The project is aimed at meeting the needs of the defense industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan in new class vessels with dry weight up to 600 tons and other large-sized products.

within the project:

  • the factory's production building was reconstructed;
  • purchased two overhead cranes and a multi-functional bending machine;
  • 30 permanent jobs have been created.

"production of precision class 5 printed circuit boards with a wastewater treatment system and mechanical control equipment"

the Project is aimed at its own production of 5th generation boards, which is one of the main components of cryptographic information security tools. Within the project:

  • high-tech equipment for the production of printed circuit boards of the 5th generation was purchased;
  • 13 permanent jobs have been created.

The above investment projects are aimed at achieving the Company's goals of producing and selling defense and civil products within the framework of import substitution, ensuring domestic demand and export.

in 2017, the Company continued to implement investment projects:

"Creation of an Aviation technical center in Astana"

The project is aimed at creating a specialized aviation enterprise in Kazakhstan that provides service, capital and current repairs of aviation equipment in Kazakhstan. Currently, all these events are held at enterprises of the near abroad (Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine). 

in addition, the Company is considering implementing the following investment projects in 2017:

1) Organization of foundry production for smelted models.

2) production of composite armor plates of JSC "Tynys".

3) Modernization of procurement production of JSC "Ural plant "Zenit".

4) Production of plastic, silicone and rubber products of JSC "Tynys".

5) Comprehensive modernization of production of the company's subsidiaries.

Individual investment projects are strategic and are aimed at the development of the military-industrial complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with the program of technological modernization of the Armed forces.

Investments in investment projects from the Kazakh side are made by the Company at the expense of the national budget, its own funds, and other attracted sources.

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