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Uzbekistan intends to launch production of armored vehicles

Armored car K 53949 "Typhoon".
Image source: Press service of "Remdizel"
TASHKENT, 22 July - RIA Novosti. The State Committee for the Defense Industry of Uzbekistan has begun developing a domestic light armored vehicle (LBA), the ministry's press service reported on Wednesday.

"In order to equip the national army with modern types of weapons and military equipment of domestic production, the State Committee for the Defense Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan is developing a lightly armored vehicle," the ministry's Telegram channel said.

According to the State Committee, the development of a prototype of the Tarlon armored car is carried out on the basis of the Tashkent LLC "Cranes and Special Equipment". The armored car is designed for the transportation of personnel, fire support of mobile groups and checkpoints, combat patrols and security.

"It is worth noting that in terms of its technical and combat characteristics, the Tarlon LBA in its class is not inferior to similar LBA of leading foreign countries," the press service added. In particular, the vehicle will have a 4x4 wheel arrangement, a 285 horsepower engine, and a 360-degree turret for mounting a tank machine gun. Tarlon can carry up to nine fighters.

Earlier, the military-industrial complex of Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey reported that they intend to supply armored wheeled vehicles to Uzbekistan, primarily for the armed forces of this country. In particular, a source in the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation told RIA Novosti that Tashkent had purchased a large batch of Russian Typhoon armored vehicles (K53949), their deliveries were supposed to begin in 2019.

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