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Iran is building their own basic fighter

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The Iranian military-industrial complex has begun to develop heavy fighters in accordance with plans to increase the defense capability of the Islamic Republic, Iranian Air Force Deputy Commander Brigadier General Hamid Vahedi said, Mehr news agency reported.

“Following the success of the Kowsar combat aircraft, the Iranian Air Force began the process of producing a domestic heavy fighter,” Vahedi said.

According to him, the combat vehicle being developed will be equipped with avionics and a domestically produced engine.

The Iranian general also mentioned military projects to improve the radar capabilities of the Iranian Air Force, saying that significant progress has been made in this area. “Iran has made great strides in increasing the stealthiness of its various types of combat aircraft,” he said.

Iranian defense engineers have extended the range of the Sidewinder air-to-air missile mounted on an F-5 fighter from 8 to 20 kilometers. According to Vahedi, programs are currently underway to equip their own production of drones Ababil and Kaman with smart bombs Qaem-1 and Qaem-5.

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