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"Tornado" will receive guided missiles

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Two types of guided missiles have been developed for the Tornado-S multiple launch rocket system, which has been adopted by the Russian Defense Ministry, said Rostec head Sergei Chemezov.

“For Tornado-S, two 300-mm guided missiles have been developed for the first time. Each of the shells can be set individual parameters not only in terms of flight range, but also along the trajectory for breeding them for various purposes, "Chemezov told reporters.

According to him, the firing range of guided missiles is over 100 kilometers.

“The firing accuracy of the Tornado-S shells is 15-20 times higher than that of the Smerch MLRS shells. The system is capable of hitting not only spatially extended targets, but also small ones, ”the head of Rostec said.

He recalled that "Tornado-S" was put into service and is actively supplied to the troops. I cannot announce the volume of supplies, this is classified information, - said Chemezov

The industry is working to increase the combat potential of multiple launch rocket systems, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said earlier in an interview with Interfax. "At present, work is underway to further build up the combat potential of jet systems," said the deputy chairman of the Russian government.

The Tornado-S 122-mm multiple launch rocket system and the Tornado-G 300-mm system have been adopted and are currently being supplied to the troops. The systems include new types of rockets, which make it possible to increase combat effectiveness several times, the range and accuracy of fire have been significantly increased, the control system of the complexes has been automated, Borisov said.

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