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Israeli drone for Germany made its first flight

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The Bundeswehr will soon be armed with Israeli reconnaissance and strike drones. Yesterday, July 26, the press service of the Israeli Aerospace Industries company on its official YouTube channel published a video of the first flight of the Heron TP drone.

In June 2018, the German government approved a $ 1 billion deal that will lease five Heron TP drones to the German army. The new drones will replace the Heron 1 model used by German troops in operations in Afghanistan and Mali.

The first flight of the Heron TP drone for the Bundeswehr

Heron TP has a larger size and service life than Heron 1, and is capable of carrying shock weapons. In order for the drones to be used as combat units, German MPs will have to approve amendments to the current legislation.

The wingspan of the Heron TP drone is 26 m, the maximum take-off weight is 4650 kg (of which the payload is 1000 kg). The drone can climb to a height of 13.7 km and stay aloft for up to 36 hours.

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