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At the "Army" the viewer will see the floating BA "Strela" for the first time

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The first demonstration of a floating version of the newest Russian armored vehicle "Strela" is expected at the VI International Military-Technical Forum "Army-2020". This was reported by the Military Industrial Company LLC.

The modification will be included in the family of light vehicles and will be used in various units of the armed forces.

As with the regular version, it is possible to install special equipment and various weapons on it.

VPK designers have extensive experience in the creation of amphibious equipment. At the beginning of the 50s, the "Small floating car" - MAV (4x4), aka GAZ-46, weighing 1270 kg, was created.

Even more widespread was the BRDM-2, the production of which began in the early 60s. The legendary car was exploited by the armies of more than 60 countries, in many it is still used. It served as a basis for the creation of various modifications, including the Strela-1 anti-aircraft missile system and anti-tank ones with the Malyutka and Konkurs ATGMs.

Due to the presence of special water-jet installations, the BTR-60, BTR-70, BTR-80 and BTR-82A armored personnel carriers are excellent swimmers. The 82nd is currently being actively used in the Marine Corps.

Well adapted for overcoming water obstacles promising equipment on the average unified platform "Boomerang", reports RG.

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