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Military-technical forum "Army-2020" will be held in an expanded format

Image source: Alexey Filippov / RIA Novosti

The military-technical forum "Army-2020", despite the epidemiological restrictions, this year will be held even in an expanded format. There will be many interesting novelties and historical retrospectives.

The head of the Main Directorate of Scientific Research and Technological Support of Advanced Technologies (Innovative Research) of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation spoke about the peculiarities of the sixth International Military-Technical Forum "Army-2020", its program and new venues as part of an online press conference held by TASS. Federation Major General Andrey Goncharov.

For the first time, the Army Forum will be held in parallel with the international military games. Their joint opening will take place on Sunday 23 August. The forum and games will end on August 29. The first four days of "Army-2020" - August 23-26 are devoted to the work of specialists, August 27-29 - days of mass visits.

The main demonstration sites are the Patriot Park and the Congress and Exhibition Center located there, the Alabino training ground, and the Kubinka airfield. For the first time, a large demonstration site will be organized at the Ashuluk training ground near Astrakhan. Presentations of the latest air defense systems will be held there. For the first time, they will demonstrate the construction of an echeloned defense against massive attacks by cruise missiles and a variety of drones. All this will be accompanied by real shooting and hitting aerial targets.

The total area of ​​static displays of various samples of military equipment has been significantly increased. It will exceed 320,000 square meters. In total, it is planned to show over 700 units of military equipment and various weapons. And more than 400 samples of military equipment will take part in dynamic demonstrations with live fire, some of which will be shown for the first time.

Fans of military history, of course, will be attracted by the specially formed alley of the tank industry. It is dedicated to the centenary of Russian tank building. On it you can see 22 samples of armored vehicles, which have left the most noticeable mark not only in our, but also in the world of tank building.

Major General Goncharov said that one of the most interesting expositions is devoted to the latest and most promising unmanned aerial vehicles. In particular, it is planned to hold international drone biathlon competitions and, for the first time, drone speed racing - a kind of drag racing for drones of various designs.

By the way, over 70 countries have confirmed their participation in the Army-2020 forum. Some have declared their representation very high.

And also very important information announced by Andrey Goncharov. It concerns compliance with certain safety measures related to the threat of coronavirus infection.

All who arrive from abroad are required to provide certificates of the absence of infection and contact with patients. This applies not only to foreigners, but also to compatriots. Was abroad - confirm that you are not sick. For those who have not traveled abroad, it is not necessary to have any certificates.

But medical control over everyone who intends to attend the war games and the Army-2020 forum will be strict and echeloned. It will begin, according to the representative of the Ministry of Defense, even at the places of boarding trains and buses, which will take guests to the venue of various events. Almost all visitors will be measured remotely. Temperature control will also be carried out in the territories of Patriot, Alabino and Kubinka. A large number of containers with disinfectant solutions will be placed in the pavilions and in open areas.

Visitors are strongly advised to wear medical masks for their own safety. They will not be fined for their absence, but difficulties with passage may arise.

They promise to build the logistics of visits in such a way as not to allow excessive crowds, but to maintain the recommended distance.

Ultimately, everything depends on ourselves. In order to avoid conflict situations and not spoil your holiday, you just need to follow the recommendations that have been discussed for several months in a row.

Forum "Army-2020" is waiting for guests and promises to be one of the most interesting and spectacular events of this year.

Sergey Ptichkin

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