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It became known how many combat aircraft will be released per year in China

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The Chinese aviation industry simultaneously produces several types of modern combat aircraft. Unofficial information has appeared on the Web about the number of winged vehicles that should be manufactured in 2020.

Thus, the Air Force of the People's Liberation Army will receive more than 60 J-16 fighter-bombers, more than 20 J-15 fighters and 30 fifth-generation J-20 aircraft.

As the military expert Yuri Lyamin told "RG", the J-15 and J-16 outwardly are very similar to Russian equipment, but inside there are differences. "Sixteenth" from the very beginning entered the troops with engines of the Chinese design WS-10, and deck J-15 for the first aircraft carrier of the PRC Navy were with Russian engines. As reported, it is currently planned to equip them with their own power plants.

As for the J-20, the WS-10 variant was tested for it, presumably with a controlled thrust vector. Probably, this year's batch will already be with new motors.

As noted by Lyamin, the data that appeared does not mention the J-10 fighter. According to various estimates, they were also produced, on average, three dozen a year. For a long time they were equipped with Russian AL-31FN engines, but in the second half of last year the J-10C with a variant of the same WS-10 went into production. This could somewhat reduce production volumes.

"A feature of all fighters in the PRC is radar stations with the so-called" active phased array. "Moreover, in the PRC, such radars are manufactured not only for themselves, but also for export - for the lightweight fighter JF-17, which is currently being assembled in Pakistan. will be installed on the latest version of the JF-17 Block-III, "Lyamin said.

Alexey Moiseev

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