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Su-30SM will be equipped with hypersonic anti-ship missiles

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Russian Su-30SM fighters will receive a new heavy air-to-surface missile. The creation of the product is carried out within the framework of the experimental design work "Adaptation-Su".

“We are talking about equipping Sukhoi with the Kh-32 liquid hypersonic missile, which was previously used only on long-range Tu-22M3 bombers (it is also possible that an even more modern super-high-speed ammunition, still secret, will appear in the arsenal of fighters). Such powerful missiles are capable of radically increasing the capabilities of aviation - with them, aircraft will be able to hit surface and ground targets at a distance of up to 1000 kilometers, "the Izvestia newspaper reported.

According to the publication, development work (ROC) on the modernization of the Su-30SM began in 2015 and received the designation "Adaptation-Su". Several leading companies of the military-industrial complex are involved in it, including the State Machine-Building Design Bureau "Raduga" named after A.Ya. Bereznyak. GosMKB is the largest domestic manufacturer of supersonic and hypersonic weapons for aviation.

To ensure the use of the latest ammunition, according to the documents, the N011M Bars radar will be modified. The fighter's computer system and the onboard defense system will also be updated, and foreign components will be replaced with domestic ones. Completion of work on the development of aircraft modernization is scheduled for the end of the year.

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