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Lockheed Martin begins assembling the first F-35 fighter for the Danish Air Force

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TSAMTO, 11 August. The Danish Defense Ministry has published photographs showing the beginning of the assembly of the fuselage of the first F-35 Lightning-2 multirole fighter (tail number L-001) intended for the country's Air Force.

The main components of the aircraft were delivered to the electronic interface and centering station (EMAS) of the assembly line. EMAS is an electronically controlled system designed for the final assembly of the nose, center and tail of the F-35, as well as the wing module.

As planned, in the period from 2021 to 2026. Denmark will receive 27 new F-35 fighters, which will gradually replace the F-16s in service since the 1980s. Assembly of the nose fuselage of the first F-35 of the Danish Air Force began at the Fort Worth, Texas facility on January 16, 2020. The aircraft is scheduled to be handed over to the Danish Air Force in 2021. It is expected that the new F-35 will enable the Air Force to address the full range of tasks at the national and international levels, starting in 2027.

Initially, Danish F-35 fighters will be stationed at Luke Air Force Base (Arizona) in the United States, where it is planned to train personnel of the Danish Air Force, and only in 2023 will they fly to Denmark.

As reported by TSAMTO, Denmark has taken part in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter development program since 1997, which allowed Danish specialists to participate in the creation of a fighter, and enterprises to receive orders for the production of components. According to the results of the conducted during 2013-2016. estimates, on May 12, 2016, the Danish government decided to recommend the purchase of at least 27 new Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning 2 fighters to the country's Air Force. In early 2018, Denmark's central bank hedged $ 3.7 billion in payment for the F-35 so that the country's Ministry of Defense could purchase aircraft at a fixed price in local currency. The hedging was deemed appropriate as most of the payments are made in US dollars.

The Danish Air Force currently has 30 F-16 fighters in service since 1980. Obsolete aircraft should be phased out of service by 2024. The first F-35A is slated to arrive in Denmark in 2023. They will be deployed at the Skridstrup airbase. In June 2020, the Danish parliament approved a law on the construction of specialized facilities for the operation of the F-35A at the airbase.

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