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South Korea showed radar tracking thousands of targets at once

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A prototype of a domestic radar for a new generation multipurpose fighter was presented in South Korea. He will be able to accompany one thousand targets at the same time.

The radar is being developed by Hanwha Systems and the Defense Development Agency - ADD. They have been doing this since 2016, writes the Janes edition. According to South Korean officials, the radar will first undergo ground tests, and only then it will be mounted on a KF-X fighter for further joint tests.

We only know that the radar will be able to track one thousand objects at once. No further details have been reported about him.

As for the new generation multi-role fighter, KAI has already demonstrated a partially assembled fuselage of the KF-X aircraft, Popular Mechanics writes. It is assumed that it will be produced in two versions - single and double. Its speed is up to Mach 1.9 and the aircraft will have ten points of suspension for missiles and bombs. The final term of work is 2026. By 2032, the military will purchase 120 aircraft to replace the outdated F-4 Phantom II and F-5 Freedom Fighters.

Svetlana Tsygankova

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