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A helicopter assembled in Kazakhstan sent for export to Tajikistan

The first Kazakhstani helicopter was sent for export, the correspondent Khabar 24 reports. A multifunctional aircraft assembled at a domestic enterprise has expanded the fleet of a well-known Tajik airline. And this is just the beginning of great cooperation.

The H125 helicopter has high maneuverability, excellent visibility and low vibration in the cabin. It is adapted for use in high altitude and hot climates. It has five passenger seats, which will allow it to be used for tourist flights.

Sukhrob Juraev, first deputy. Director General of Somon Air / Tajikistan /:

- We want to use it first for business aviation, for transporting tourists, carrying out rescue operations, taking out climbers.

This is the first experience of cooperation with Tajikistan. A representative office of KazakhExport has been operating there since April, which financed the transaction.

Ruslan Iskakov, Chairman of the Board of ESC "KazakhExport":

- The airline received a 5-year loan for the purchase of this helicopter. And, accordingly, he will be able to pay off within this comfortable period at the expense of the income that this equipment will generate.

The helicopter was assembled by the joint venture Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering. It is the only company in the CIS and Central Asia that sells and maintains helicopters, as well as trains technicians and pilots.

Kuanysh Bishimov, Chairman of the Board of JSC “NC“ Kazakhstan Engineering ”:

- We are negotiating with the Tajik side on increasing the export potential up to 5-10 helicopters. We have started deliveries to Kyrgyzstan. Today we carry out a huge work on the export of services.

Over the years of operation, the plant has assembled over 30 helicopters, and now the export potential is being actively increased.

Author: E. Ustimovich.

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