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«NC «Kazakhstan engineering» JSC launched an information-analytical website

QazDef is an information-analytical website, where the staff of «NC «Kazakhstan engineering» JSC will post digests and information materials on various areas of the defense industry.

The platform currently is filled with two e-journals. Each publication is dedicated to a particular subject. It is worth noting that the information reviews are given from open sources, analyses and portals available on the Internet.

The first magazine discloses information about UAVs. These are aircraft without a crew. The point is that people has an opportunity to control them remotely or use as a «kamikaze» - then they only enter the coordinates, and then they work on the defeat of a particular target. They have especially proven themselves in current conflicts as weapons of the twenty-first century.

Information is also provided on the international military-technical forum «Army-2022» and on what was presented on the part of UAVs - including new developments.

The second information digest focuses on MLRS and which models are presented in the international arena: from old Soviet models to the latest developments still in use today.

Such analytical work is an integral part of the creative work of the staff, in their spare time. The portal is developed and populated without any funding, on the own initiative of the company's employees.