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Report of the situation with «Semey Machine-Building Plant» JSC and «Petropavlovsk Heavy Engineering» Plant JSC

«NC «Kazakhstan engineering» JSC (hereinafter - the Company) with respect to publication of material in edition on the situation at «Semey Machine-Building Plant» JSC (hereinafter – «SMZ» JSC) informs that the main information mentioned was taken from the official website of the Company.

However, we draw attention to the fact that «SMZ» JSC is not a military plant, has not produced military products for many years, and is not on the list of the registers as a military-oriented enterprise.

In February 2022, the Specialized Interdistrict Economic Court of the EKR decided to rehabilitate SMZ for a period of five years. The company was suspended from managing the plant and, in particular, a ban was imposed on alienation of the company's shares.

«SMZ» JSC`s creditors' committee is currently searching for a participant in the plant's rehabilitation in accordance with the approved plan for the plant's rehabilitation.

The Company continues to make every effort to rectify the current situation (for more information, see the Company's website at

False information is also disseminated in relation to «PZTM» JSC, in particular, about attempts to liquidate local production and to sell the enterprise in order to pay off the Company's debts.

The sale of «PZTM» JSC is carried out in execution of the Comprehensive Privatization Plan for 2021-2025, approved by the Government Decree No. 908 dated 29 December, 2020 (hereinafter - the Comprehensive Plan) in order to attract investments into the Plant, expand the range of its products and increase the number of jobs.

Information about «PZTM» JSC is published on the official website of the Company dated December 14, 2022 («PZTM» JSC is a diversified plant manufacturing civilian products»).

We also inform that in the interests of national security in August 2022 the Company managed to exclude from the Comprehensive Privatization Plan 3 enterprises important for the defense industry: «Semey Engineering» JSC. «Kazakhstan Aircraft Industry» LLP, «Steel manufacturing» LLP. The Company does not plan to put these enterprises up for sale.