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On the activities of the Compliance Service

«Compliance» means compliance with rules, laws, policies and standards in combating corruption.

For «NC «Kazakhstan Engineering» JSC, the Anti-Corruption Policy is one of the main elements of sustainable development. The Compliance Department constantly works to prevent corruption offences and misconduct, eradicating conditions that may set such a precedent.

According to paragraph 3 of Article 16 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «On Combating Corruption» (dated November 18, 2015 № 410-V LRK), the task of the Compliance Service is to ensure compliance of the relevant organization and its employees with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on combating corruption.

According to the RK Anti-Corruption Agency, more than 6,000 quasi-public and private sector entities in Kazakhstan have implemented such services, as they are an indicator of business purity and transparency.

The main activity of the system:

  • Revision of compliance risk management and internal control systems

In particular, changing the requirements for the compliance-risk management system of internal control, as well as expanding the concept of compliance risk.

  • Combating illegal cash-out

The country has been successful in combating the shadow economy.

On January 3, 2023, the President of Kazakhstan signed amendments to combat corruption and ensure the safety of persons subject to state protection. The amendments ensure the detection of shadow income of persons authorized to perform public functions and persons of equivalent status.

In order to curb corrupt practices, the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Counteracting Corruption coordinates Compliance Services through methodological support, training activities and information exchange on counteracting corruption in the quasi-public sector entities.

  • Development of a Compliance Culture

First, it is a more conscious attitude towards Compliance on the part of the organizations’ employees. Employees need an independent structure where they can address problematic issues related to business ethics and corruption, as well as to clarify the requirements of the law.

«NC «Kazakhstan Engineering» JSC is committed to zero tolerance of corruption within its ranks, professionalism, transparency and honesty. Our employees oppose officials and employees of the Company to bribery and the use of official position.

If you have encountered corrupt practices on the part of officials and employees of «NC «Kazakhstan Engineering» JSC, you should contact