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The “Exhibition-Spartakiad 2023” was held among the “Kazakhstan Engineering” Group of Companies and defense industry enterprises

At the Qazaqstan athletics complex on September 15-16, 2023, the “Exhibition-Spartakiad of defense industry enterprises 2023” was held, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of NC Kazakhstan Engineering JSC.

Each participating team presented its products at the exhibition so that plant teams could get acquainted with each other’s products.

The Minister of Industry and Construction of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kanat Sharlapaev, also visited the exhibition-Spartakiad, making a speech to teams participating in sports competitions and noting the importance of holding such events to strengthen ties among defense industry enterprises.

In turn, Sergey Tsyrulnikov, record holder of the Guinness Book of Records and six-time record holder of Kazakhstan, wished all the teams successful games.

In addition, all employees were able to participate in various sports such as football, volleyball, athletics, chess, table tennis, lasso tartu and asyk atu.

In the football competition, 1st place was taken by employees of West Kazakhstan Machine-Building Company JSC, 2nd place went to representatives of the team of Plant named after. CM. Kirov". 3rd place was won by employees of JSC Tynys.

In the volleyball competition, gold was won by the team of JSC “Plant named after. CM. Kirov". “Silver” was awarded to the employees of JSC 811-Automotive Repair Plant KI. Employees of Kazakhstan Aselsan Engineering LLP received bronze.

1st place in chess was earned by the employees of the RSE at the Kazspetsexport PVC, and JSC Plant named after. CM. Kirov" and JSC "Petropavlovsk Heavy Engineering Plant" took 2nd and 3rd places.

1st place in the tennis competition was taken by the team of the Ministry of Industry and Construction of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2nd place was taken by Ural Plant Zenit JSC, 3rd place by Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering LLP.

In track and field, awards were divided into several categories: 60, 100, 400 and relay, respectively.

At a distance of 60 meters, Kazakhstan Aviation Industry LLP distinguished itself, Tynys JSC took 2nd place, Kazakhstan Aselsan Engineering LLP took 3rd place. In the 100 meter race, women and men tied. Among women, JSC “Plant named after S.M.” received “gold”. Kirov", "silver" went to JSC "811-autorepair plant KI", and "bronze" went to JSC "PZTM".

In the 100-meter race among men, 1st place was awarded to Tynys JSC, 2nd place to Semey Engineering JSC, 3rd place was awarded to ASTANA MPR PROJECT LLP.

Places for the men's 400-meter race were distributed as follows:

1st place - TOO "KAI";

2nd place - JSC Aircraft Repair Plant 405

3rd place - NC Kazakhstan Engineering JSC

The results for the women's 400-meter race were as follows:

1st place - Kaztechnologii JSC;


3rd place - JSC "Tynys".

At the relay race, the team of JSC “Plant named after. CM. Kirova" especially showed itself, taking 1st place. JSC Tynys won second place. Third place went to Kazakhstan Aselsan Engineering LLP.

In addition to the main disciplines, competitions were also held in national sports such as lasso tartu and asyk atu.

The places in the lasso tartu are distributed as follows:

1st place - TOO «KAI»

2nd place - JSC "Tynys"

3rd place - Kazakhstan Aselsan Engineering LLP.

In Asyk Atu, Semey Engineering JSC won the gold. “Silver” was awarded to JSC “Plant named after. CM. Kirov”, and “R&D Center “Kazakhstan Engineering” LLP was awarded “bronze”.

It is worth noting that NC Kazakhstan Engineering JSC pays special attention to the development of mass sports in the team, strengthening team spirit and camaraderie not only among company employees, but also with colleagues from defense industry organizations. The company considers it necessary to hold various sports events on a regular basis.