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Harassment in the workplace

Harassment is translated from English as harassment. This term is relatively new, so people often don't understand when certain phrases or actions are outside the scope of work.

In a broad sense, harassment is behavior that causes irritation or anxiety in the person at whom it is directed. The initiator of harassment applies pressure by saying or doing unpleasant things.

Harassment, in turn, disrupts the workplace and creates an intimidating or hostile environment.

Types of harassment:

  1. Discriminatory harassment (racial, gender, religious, etc.);
  2. Personal (invasion of personal space);
  3. Physical (unwanted touching);
  4. Harassment through abuse of official position (intimidation and creation of an intolerable work environment for subordinates);
  5. Psychological pressure on a personal and professional level (including gaslighting).
  6. Bullying has subtypes according to the levels of workers who participate in it:

  • Bossing – initiated by the leader;
  • Mobbing – initiated by colleagues;
  • Sandwich mobbing – pressure from both sides.

At the same time, harassment is not gender specific. Both men and women are exposed to it.

NC Kazakhstan Engineering JSC condemns and considers any forms of bullying, harassment and destabilization of the climate in labor collectives unacceptable. The priority is caring for people, therefore moral and ethical models of behavior that exclude all possibilities for harassment, harassment, bullying and discrimination in the workplace are one of the fundamental objectives of the Company.