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A demonstration of UAVs “Kazakhstan engineering” took place in the East Kazakhstan region

The Kazakhstan Engineering group of companies is actively developing projects for the production of products related to the prevention and response to emergency situations.

First of all, these projects are aimed at monitoring the prevention of fires, providing access to remote or hard-to-reach places, as well as civil protection through the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

With the support and participation of the akim of the East Kazakhstan region Ermek Kosherbayev, a presentation of UAVs intended for reconnaissance purposes, search and rescue operations, repeaters for communications and control equipment, as well as a robotic complex based on a tracked platform was successfully carried out in the field.

Chairman of the Board of NC Kazakhstan Engineering JSC Temirzhan Abdrakhmanov responded: “According to the visual demonstration, the UAV operator identified the source of fire and sent a robotic complex to eliminate the source of fire by sending a fire extinguishing agent. Robotic dogs were also used to detect and subsequently extinguish the fire. After the fire operation was completed, preparations and launch of search operations with the help of Chagala-M and Karakuz drones began.”

The parties continue to actively cooperate in the development of these areas of industry in Kazakhstan.