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JSC "SMZ" delivered tracked tractor-tractors to Russia

JSC "Semipalatinsk Machine-Building Plant" has delivered to Russia four tracked transporters-tractors (GT-T).

The production of equipment was carried out by special order of a private company operating in the railway industry.

According to Nurlan Omarov, General Director of SMZ JSC, the plant carried out research and development work to modernize the base model of the GT-T tracked conveyor-tractor to create a model with improved tactical and technical characteristics.

In 2016, the Kazakh enterprise produced a pilot copy of the GT-T, which successfully passed the relevant tests.

“R&D work on modernization of the basic model of the GT-T tracked conveyor-tractor made it possible to develop and manufacture a vehicle with a large share of Kazakhstani content and the ability to meet all the requirements for this type of equipment, which by its characteristics is not inferior to foreign counterparts,” said the head of the enterprise.

The plant plans to continue cooperation with Russian companies.

JSC "SMZ" is a subsidiary of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Engineering ", which is in the trust management of the Ministry of Defense and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Press service of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Engineering "