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"KAE" was first delivered night-vision equipment to Uzbekistan

An experimental batch of night vision devices for the needs of the Armed forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan was delivered by the Kazakhstan enterprise "KAE" LLP at the end of 2017. 

The plant demonstrated its electronic-optical products in Tashkent in September last year at the industrial exhibition "Uzbekistan – Kazakhstan: a new stage of cooperation".

After that, the Uzbek side showed interest, and as a result, a bilateral agreement was concluded. Kazakhstan's night vision devices have successfully passed the relevant tests.   

It is worth noting that currently Uzbek partners have expressed interest in expanding the range of export products. 

KAE LLP, which is a part of JSC NC Kazakhstan engineering, specializes in the production of night vision devices, thermal imaging sights, electronic boards and optical lenses. 

The company's products are now widely used in the Kazakh army and exported abroad. 

Press service of JSC NC "Kazakhstan engineering"