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Military signalmen raised by alarm

Within the summer period of training, servicemen - signalmen of the military unit of 41,321 regional command «Zapad» conduct tactical combat training at the «Kadrabot» training ground in Atyrau region.

During the week of combat readiness, all military units of the regional command are given various degrees of combat readiness. Servicemen of military unit 41321 in the period from June 5 to June 7, 2017 will conduct tactical-combat training at the «Kadrabot» training ground.

Within three days the signalmen will deploy their equipment at the control points, where they will provide telephone, telegraph, satellite, radio, radio relay and courier-mail services. It should be noted that to date, more than half of communications equipment and military communications equipment have been updated. The communication equipment is modernized and manufactured at the Kirov plant in the city of Petropavlovsk.

The combat readiness week allows to check the real capabilities, the ability of units and subunits of species and combat arms, to carry out comprehensive training in a timely manner, to engage in organized combat with the enemy and carry out the assigned task. On the eve of the beginning of the new academic period, in all military units of the regional command «West», construction was held on the occasion of the beginning of a new stage of combat training.

Press-service of the Ministry of defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan