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JSC "Zavod im. CM. Kirov" provides the international competitions with the polygon equipment

Kazakhstan company JSC "Zavod im. CM. Kirov ", part of the JSC" NC "Kazakhstan Engineering", manufactured for the upcoming competitions Army International 2016 company tactical kit.

The new equipment will provide the tenders ARMI-2016 - "Sniper line" and "Master of artillery fire", which take place in Kazakhstan.

The company tactical set is already delivered to the "Gvardeisky" polygon. It is intended for the organization of educational firing practice of combat units, as in day, and night time of day. The equipment ensures functioning in severe climatic conditions: in case of a severe frost and in a hot heat.

Today JSC "Plant im. CM. Kirov " is the unique domestic producer performing delivery of various polygon equipment for Defense agency of Kazakhstan since 2015.

The equipment has already proved itself as a mobile, reliable, easy to install and easy to use, allowing to carry out the task of combat training of personnel at all times.

Recall that at the present time in the polygon, "Gvardeisky", participants of two competitions army games - the best gunners and snipers Kazakhstan, Angola, Armenia, Belarus, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, India, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, China, Mongolia, Russia and Greece have arrived. The competition will start on 2 August.

Press-service of JSC «NC «Kazakhstan engineering»