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The first boat for the special forces of the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan was launched in Uralsk

The first modernized boat for the special forces of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan was launched in Uralsk today. It was built by the domestic plant "Zenith", which is part of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Engineering ", in accordance with the state defense order for the Navy of Kazakhstan.

The main purpose of the new boat is to support the actions of special forces to counter submarine sabotage forces and assets in the port area and in the area of ​​marine economic activities.

To perform tasks in accordance with its purpose, the vessel is equipped with equipment for detecting, classifying and determining the parameters of movement of combat swimmers and their delivery vehicles, as well as modern means of communication and navigation. Its length is 13 m, width is 3.5 m, displacement is about 12 tons, draft is about 0.6 m.

After launching, the boat will be redeployed and delivered to the Caspian Sea to undergo factory mooring, navigational, acceptance tests and begin combat missions.

Today the importance of the Caspian region in the global system of geopolitical and economic coordinates is steadily increasing. And Kazakhstan, like other Caspian countries, is interested in maintaining a consistently high level of regional security here. In this regard, the commissioning of such a combat unit plays an important role for the Navy of our country. The new boat will not only replenish the arsenal, but will also expand the range of tasks solved by the Navy, as well as increase the combat effectiveness of this type of troops.

It is worth noting that at present the Naval Forces of Kazakhstan have modern missile and artillery ships, small patrol ships and boats. This type of troops is systematically developing year after year. Simultaneously with the increase in the level of training of military personnel, the Navy is being equipped with modern technological weapons and military equipment.