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  • ensuring sustainable development of subsidiaries and affiliates included in the Company by diversifying their production activities through modernization and technical re-equipment;
  • ensuring the achievement by the subsidiaries and affiliates of the Company of strategic goals and objectives;
  • investment activities, including ensuring the implementation of investment projects, including in subsidiaries and affiliates;
  • implementation and improvement of corporate governance in subsidiaries and affiliates of the Company to ensure effective management;
  • improving the economic efficiency of the activities of subsidiaries and affiliates of the Company, including maximizing their financial results;
  • the organization of machine-building production in the subsidiaries and affiliates of the Company with the production of products for the needs of the oil and gas, railway, energy, agricultural and other sectors of the economy, as well as the performance of work and the provision of services in these industries;
  • increase in the share of export-oriented products;
  • participation in the implementation of state policy in the field of development, production, sale and liquidation of defense, dual and civilian products;
  • participation in the development and implementation of current and long-term intersectoral programs for the development and production of defense and dual-use products to ensure domestic demand and exports;
  • participation in the import of weapons, military equipment and dual-use products for the Armed Forces, other troops and military units of the Republic of Kazakhstan for further production, after-sales service, including as part of the execution of the state defense order and public procurement contracts, as well as export of manufactured products ;
  • development and implementation of conversion programs and development programs for the military-industrial complex;
  • participation in the formation and implementation of plans and tasks for the creation, accumulation and preservation of mobilization capacities and reserves;
  • implementation of scientific, technical and technological development programs in the military-industrial complex, including the expansion, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of production;
  • conducting research and development work on the creation of high-tech products;
  • comprehensive engineering services, including, but not limited to: design, feasibility study, equipment procurement, project management for construction, installation and commissioning, staff training, organization of financing;
  • the sale of goods, works and services produced by the Group of the Company as part of its core business;
  • sale of assets under the program and plan for the restructuring of the assets of the Company as agreed with the Sole Shareholder;
  • development, production, repair, purchase and sale of ammunition, weapons and military equipment, spare parts, components and devices for them, as well as special materials and equipment for their production, including installation, commissioning, use, storage, repair and maintenance;
  • export, re-export, import and re-import of goods, works and services as part of the core business;
  • the provision of leasing services for the supply of products manufactured by the Group of the Company;
  • development of the defense industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan by organizing new industries and enterprises, modernizing the production of armaments and military equipment in accordance with the main directions of technological modernization and re-equipment of the Armed forces, other troops and military units of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as by introducing modern industrial technologies for the production of competitive, knowledge-based products;
  • foreign economic activity within the framework of the main activity, not prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • implementation of activities for the implementation of the treaties of the state defense order;
  • lease of fixed assets not involved in the core business.