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Subsidiaries and affiliates of Kazakhstan Engineering

«SRI «Gydropribor» JSC


Currently the main lines of activity of JSC “Scientific Research Institute “Gydropribor” are focused on researchers, designing, manufacture, engineering in the field of shipbuilding, mobile robotic tools, and also equipment and instrumentation for oil and gas sector.

The Institute possesses all necessary licenses, certificates on conformity and confirmations for the performance of these works.

Management quality system corresponding to requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2009 is implemented and being utilized.

Main types of production:

  • Sea, river boats and other watercrafts with displacement up t o150 tons;
  • Underwater robotics complexes – uninhabited submersibles;
  • Equipment and apparatus for maintenance of underwater and land oil and gas pipelines;
  • It is supposed to master of the following joint production with leading foreign developing companies in the long-term perspective;
  • Mobile ground environment robotics complexes;
  • Mobile air environment robotics complexes – pilotless aircrafts;
  • Mobile above-water robotic systems - unmanned boats.

Contact information:

109 March, 8 street,

Uralsk 090000

Republic of Kazakhstan

Tel./fax: +7 (7112) 51 38 11


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