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The companies of the Group of companies consider environmental protection activities as an integral part of their daily work and give priority to measures to minimize the negative impact of their activities on the environment.

Contributing to the sustainable development of the region of presence, the enterprises of the group of companies ensure compliance with environmental laws.

In accordance with the current environmental legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, enterprises of the Group of companies obtained permits for emissions into the environment.

The enterprises of the Group of the Company have developed and agreed with the territorial environmental authorities on the standards for maximum permissible emissions. At the end of the term, which are developing new standards.

The company strives to comply with the principles of the most respect for the environment and the rational use of natural resources, contribute to the prevention of negative environmental impacts, take initiatives aimed at increasing environmental responsibility, promote the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly and energy-saving technologies, and conduct environmental monitoring and openly providing environmental information.

The main tasks to ensure environmental sustainability and safety are:

  • respect for the environment;
  • compliance with norms and standards in the field of labor protection and industrial safety;
  • improving energy efficiency;
  • implementation of a reporting system.

The Company is constantly working to create safe working conditions, reduce injuries, improve production and sanitary conditions of workers, reduce the impact of harmful and adverse factors.

In order to prevent accidents related to the performance of work, introductory, scheduled, extraordinary and unscheduled briefings were organized in the Group of Companies.

The company is implementing systematic measures to improve occupational safety at work.

The Company's subsidiaries fulfill their obligations, including the:

  • ensuring appropriate temperature at workplaces in the autumn-winter period;
  • advanced training of employees labor protection and safety;
  • ensuring sufficient illumination of workplaces;
  • analysis of the causes of industrial injuries and the adoption of measures to prevent it;
  • conducting preventive medical examinations;
  • the issuance of workers overalls, shoes, personal protective equipment;
  • liability insurance for harm caused to the life and health of employees in the performance of their labor duties;
  • continuous monitoring of compliance with labor protection requirements;
  • providing workshops, a first-aid post with necessary medicines for emergency assistance to factory workers.

In accordance with the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On compulsory insurance of an employee against accidents in the performance of his labor (official) duties," the employer shall insure the civil liability of the employer for harm to the life and health of the employee in the performance of his labor (official) duties.