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Products of the enterprises of the Kazakhstani defense industry are presented at the exhibition as part of the V international UN Symposium on partnership in technologies for peacekeeping

Military equipment and weapons labeled " Made in Kazakhstan " aroused great interest among the participants of the Symposium. International experts not only examined the finished products, but also visited Kazakhstani enterprises.

The theme of this year's Symposium is “Forecast. Protection. Prevention ”, the participants' attention was focused on the following topics: BigData and cybersecurity, new technologies and environmental responsibility, telemedicine, improving peacekeeping intelligence practices, countering improvised explosive devices and other threats.

The event was attended by UN Deputy Secretaries General for Peacekeeping Operations - Zh-P. Lacroix and field support - A. Hare, the leadership of international organizations such as the CSTO, NATO, the European Union and the African Union (UN partners in peacekeeping operations), representatives of civil society, academia. In total, representatives of 70 countries attended the event.

Representatives of the international community involved in the UN peacekeeping activity studied partnership options and held a number of negotiations with enterprises of the defense-industrial complex of Kazakhstan. In addition, they got acquainted with samples of products of the domestic military-industrial complex, produced by 26 domestic manufacturers, both during the exhibition organized by the Ministry of Digital Development, Defense and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and during visits to enterprises. The UN delegation visited the Kazakhstan Aselsan Engineering enterprise, which performs the tasks of the defense industry for the production of electronic and electronic-optical products, as well as the largest enterprise in Central Asia for the production of modern armored wheeled vehicles " Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering " ... As noted by the first Vice Minister of ICROAP RK Talgat Zhanzhumenov during the visit, Kazakhstani enterprises of the military-industrial complex, fulfilling the tasks of providing the army and special structures with equipment and equipment, at the same time, they are ready to expand the range of products manufactured and are able to compete on the international market for equipment and weapons.

Experts of the UN mission showed particular interest in armored wheeled vehicles "Arlan" and "Barys", developed using MRAP technology (mine protection enhancement technology), night vision devices, mobile hospital systems/mobile medical teams with military equipment equipped with medical devices.

Taking into account modern trends and challenges, the participants of the Symposium also visited the international technopark of IT startups Astana Hub, where Vice Minister of ICROAP RK Askhat Orazbek shared his Kazakhstani experience in BigData and Cybersecurity Applications.

Along with this, a business seminar will be held in the cities of Nur-Sultan and Almaty with the participation of procurement experts UNPD ( United Nations Development Program, an organization in the UN system for providing gratuitous and non-politicized assistance to member states in the field of development). During the seminars, representatives of the domestic defense industry will be explained UN procurement procedures, evaluation criteria and registration procedures for suppliers, potential sales markets for military-industrial products.