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“Semipalatinsk Machine-Building Plant” (a subsidiary of JSC “NC“ Kazakhstan Engineering ”MOAP RK) began to export caterpillar transport tractors. The first four pieces of equipment this year have already been sent to Russia.

Today JSC "Semipalatinsk Machine-Building Plant" is the only manufacturer of this equipment in the CIS.

According to the General Director of the plant Nurlan Omarov, the company is currently manufacturing cars with a large share of Kazakhstani content and the ability to fulfill all the requirements for this type of equipment, which in its characteristics is not inferior to foreign analogues.

The caterpillar conveyor tractor (“GT-T”) is a high-speed floating vehicle with a high cross-country ability with a load-bearing body and front driving wheels.

"GT-T" is designed to operate in difficult climatic conditions on soils with low bearing capacity (marshes, virgin snow, off-road, rugged woodland, desert zone, mountainous terrain) at an ambient temperature of + 60 ° C to -70 ° C.