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The first test versions of laptops were assembled at the Kirov plant

Vivid video with Asian girls, unusual food and music. It feels like we were in a Chinese hardware store, the main range of which is laptops. But all the actions take place not in the Celestial Empire, but in Northern Kazakhstan, within the walls of one of the flagships of the country's engineering industry - at the Kirov plant.

Its specialists learn to assemble ultrabooks. Step by step, the Chinese partners help them understand the basics of creating computer technology. Raina Huang closely monitors every action of the factory workers. The girl and her two colleagues first came to Kazakhstan to share their experience in assembling computer equipment.

Reina Huang, Sales Manager, China Greatwall Technology Group Co., Ltd, PRC:

- We arrived in Northern Kazakhstan on November 21. From the first day we started assembling laptops. All details and technology are ours, the task is to transfer knowledge to the citizens of Kirov. Here, specialists are of a high level, they do not have to explain or repeat something for a long time. And they also know English well, so we understand that there were no problems either.

There were no problems with the assembly of laptops and Dmitry Demyanenko. A repair engineer works at the Kirov plant for the 8th year. He says that he’s not afraid of experiments, he always tries with interest new things. At first, when assembling the device, difficulties arose, at such moments he consulted with Chinese specialists.

Dmitry Demyanenko, repair engineer of JSC them. CM. Kirov ":

- The technology is quite complicated, but in principle, everything is mastered over time, the main thing is to gain some experience. We already have experience in assembling satellite receivers for Otau TV, there are common points in these industries. Difficulties arise mainly due to the fact that everything inside the laptop is compact, a lot of thin cables, wires. Everything needs to be carefully connected.

Connect, then configure and verify. The last stage takes up to 6 hours, while the assembly itself, it is still being done manually, is only 25 minutes. The video from which we started the plot will go on for 4 hours, so experts check the quality of sound and pictures. For 4 days, the factory collected 50 test versions of laptops.

Daria Pyshmyntseva, correspondent:

- Here is one of the first laptops assembled together with Chinese partners. The gadget has successfully passed all the checks and is ready to go. It weighs less than one and a half kilograms. The device will not surprise IT specialists, but it is perfect for schoolchildren and students who, in between classes, can watch a movie, find the information they need on the network.

The factory logo is on the laptop case, as well as its name and properties. Even looking at these shots, it is hard to believe what is happening. Factory workers are in no hurry to brag about achievements, realizing that they will not be able to quickly master computer technologies. To establish the manufacture of quality products, it will take a couple of years. The main thing is there is new equipment. This year, more than 2 billion tenge was invested in it.

Almat Shakenov, Head of Marketing, JSC Plant named after CM. Kirov ":

- Laptop assembly training is the first stage of our agreement on the joint production of computer hardware and server hardware. The second stage will be the installation of electrical elements on the motherboard, the third stage will be the production of printed circuit boards for the motherboard. This partner was chosen, Greatwall is a very well-known company in China.

In the future, the Kirov plant plans to establish the production of not only laptops, but also system units and tablets.