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Medical institutions of the country are provided with Kazakhstan-made ventilators

The last batch of 1500 stationary ventilators ordered by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan was sent to the country's medical institutions. 102 devices will be installed in hospitals of Kostanay and Akmola regions.

Applications from other regions of the country have been completed in full. The ventilators have been installed, the personnel have been trained, the equipment has been transferred for service.

Stationary ventilators "BIYOVENT" were produced by the domestic organization of the military-industrial complex Kazakhstan ASELSAN Engineering LLP.

In addition, in August MIIR, together with the Ministry of Health, also completed the execution of the state order for the provision of mobile ventilators for ambulance stations, issued by a subsidiary of Kazakhstan Engineering JSC - Tynys JSC.

The instruction of the President and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan to establish domestic production of ventilators and by the beginning of the predicted second wave to provide the country's medical institutions with a sufficient number of ventilators has been fulfilled to date. We have established sustainable production, as a result of which we were able to cover all our needs for the production of stationary and mobile ventilators. In the near future, the companies are ready to consider the possibility of supplying ventilators to neighboring countries.

In September, the line reached production capacity of 70 stationary ventilators per day. Before being sent to the consumer, the devices are tested for several days and only then are sent to the customer.

Devices of Kazakhstan ASELSAN Engineering LLP cost the country a third cheaper than foreign analogues. At the same time, the money allocated by the state remains to work for the economy of our country. The company also installs equipment, trains medical personnel and gives a 37-month warranty, during which it provides service maintenance of equipment anywhere in Kazakhstan.

In addition, mobile ventilators are also produced in Kazakhstan, which are produced by the Tynys defense plant. The plant has been producing these efficient, reliable and easy-to-use mobile devices historically, since Soviet times. Foreign manufacturers equip planes with similar equipment. The device "Kokshetau-4P" is the know-how of the enterprise, a modification that the enterprise has been producing since 2016. Anyone with this mobile ventilator case can help someone in need. It is enough to read the instructions. The capacity of the enterprise is 500 devices per month. The retail price of the device is about 750 thousand tenge.