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A new General Director has been appointed at JSC "811 Automotive Repair Plant"

In accordance with the decision of the Board of Directors of the National Company, in agreement with the Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development - General Director of JSC "811 Auto Repair Plant", Ramil Ravilevich Bayazitov was appointed.

Ramil Bayazitov was previously the Deputy Director of the Department of Defense Productions of JSC NC Kazakhstan Engineering. He has over 35 years of experience, including over 13 years in managerial positions. He has 15 medals for service in the Armed Forces of the USSR and the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the medals "Honorary Mechanical Engineer of Kazakhstan" and "Kazakhstan Respublikasyk Korganys Onerkusibin daytua Koskan Alesi Ashin".

Earlier, the position of General Director was held by Yerzhan Balykbaevich Karimov for more than 7 years. During the period of his leadership, significant results were achieved, state defense orders were effectively executed.

JSC "811 Automobile Repair Plant KI" is one of the large enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan, specializing in the provision of services for overhaul, modernization and re-equipment of automotive, military and tracked vehicles and assemblies for them and has more than forty years of experience in fulfilling government orders of the country's law enforcement agencies. these types of work.