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JSC NC "Kazakhstan Engineering" for the first time in the last 5 years entered the net profit

The company continues to diversify its activities towards civilian production

According to operational data, revenues of JSC NC "Kazakhstan Engineering" in 2020 increased by 13% and amounted to 108.5 billion tenge. The growth in revenues was due to the growth in sales of products and services rendered, as well as the restructuring of assets. Despite the global coronavirus crisis, JSC National Company "Kazakhstan Engineering" for the first time in the last 5 years Your la net income.

"Despite a difficult year, we managed to bring the company to a positive result due to timely and high-quality execution of contracts, optimization of production costs, reduction of overhead costs, as well as reduction of general administrative expenses of the company by 1.2 billion tenge compared to last year" , - notes the Chairman of the Board of JSC NC "Kazakhstan Engineering" Adlbek Sarsembae in , appointed the first head of the company in 2020.

At the same time, the indicator of net profit for the year is expected at the level of 780 million tenge. For comparison, in 2019, according to the consolidated financial statements, the net loss amounted to 4.99 billion tenge .

According to preliminary estimates, the volume of sales in 2020 amounted to about 96.6 billion tenge . Despite the termination of the powers of the company as an operator for the state defense order, the volume of sales increased by 2% compared to 2019. This is due to the beginning diversification of production and the growth of new orders in the field of civilian production through the development of new types of products. Income from the sale of civilian products compared to last year increased by 60% and amounted to 15.6 billion tenge .

So, at one of the subsidiaries of the Company - JSC "Plant im. Kirov” in Petropavlovsk - a project for the production of Kazakhstani computer equipment was launched.

Within the framework of the National Plan for the Protection of the Life and Health of Kazakhstanis in a Pandemic, on the basis of the Kazakhstan ASELSAN Engineering LLP, the production of artificial lung ventilation devices was organized. In total, 1,500 ventilators were produced in 2020, which were delivered to 297 hospitals in 14 regions and 3 cities of republican significance. The percentage of product localization was 11%. 

Another subsidiary of JSC NC "Kazakhstan Engineering" - JSC "Tynys", which historically specializes in the production of breathing equipment, is also engaged in the production of ventilators . In 2020, the plant produced 1,190 units of mobile ventilators. In addition, in 2020, the plant fulfilled a state order for the supply of 1,300 electric wheelchairs for persons with disabilities. The share of local content in production is over 75%.

One of the main achievements of 2020 is the commissioning of the Abai maneuverable base station in the port of Kryk , built by the Ural plant Zenit. PMB is designed for mooring, parking and servicing ships, boats and vessels.

In addition, a project for SKD assembly of Mi-8AMT / Mi-171E helicopters was implemented on the basis of JSC "Aircraft Repair Plant No. 405" with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation within the framework of industrial and scientific and technical cooperation enterprises.

In 2020, the production volume of Mi-8AMT helicopters at ARZ No. 405 JSC through the state defense order amounted to 2 units. In 2021, it is planned to produce 6 more helicopters for the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan and for the needs of the National Guard. The percentage of production localization was 21%.


JSC "NC "Kazakhstan Engineering" is a company with a holding structure that manages the largest machine-building enterprises of the country, specializing in the production of special and civil products, as well as dual-use products.

In 2020, the company changed its management team. Adlbek Sarsembayev , who previously held the position of akim of the "Almaty" district in Nur- Sultan, was appointed the Chairman of the Management Board .

The JSC has 13 subsidiaries (100% share) and three joint ventures (50% share) in different cities of Kazakhstan. Subsidiaries of the Company are such large plants as Semipalatinsk mashinstroitelny plant, 811 Auto Repair Plant Families engineering, Ural Plant "Zenit" Plant named after SM Kirov , Munaymash , Petropavlovsk Heavy Engineering Plant and others.