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Military science is the basis of national security. Director of R&D Center Kazakhstan Engineering LLP Gani Baiseitov tells

The products of the military-industrial complex need to be constantly improved, and if diversification tasks are correctly solved, then it is possible to satisfy the needs of the population in domestic goods and services of a civilian direction. That is why the role of military science is significant both for the national security of the country and for the rational and efficient development of industry as a whole, making it possible to solve complex problems at the stage of strategic planning. In the last decade, with the priority solution of military-technical problems, one of the important areas has become the comprehensive development of dual-use and civilian technologies designed to ensure import substitution and create general-purpose products.

At the same time, as of January 2022, 647 organizations engaged in scientific activities were registered in Kazakhstan, and only 11 of them deal with issues in the field of military science.

This indicates a shortage of scientific and technical base, acquired scientific groundwork and a low prospect of intellectual security in the field of the defense industry. Insufficient attention to the importance of science in the field of the defense industry and military technologies leads to the fact that scientific activity is reduced to a minimum, which in the long term affects the development of modern types of weapons and military equipment, as well as the competitiveness of domestic defense industry products as a whole.

R&D Center Kazakhstan Engineering LLP has been operating since 2009 and carries out the development of information technologies, military, dual and civilian products, the development and implementation of innovative technologies in the field of mechanical engineering, as well as applied research in the field of social sciences and the humanities, aimed at industry development.

The high personnel potential of certified scientific specialists in the field of military affairs of our company allows us to solve non-standard tasks and create new projects. Our scientific potential consists of 2 Doctors of Science, 2 PhDs, officers with higher military academic education, who have practical experience in operational-strategic command and control of troops. We are very proud of our specialists. Daily painstaking work and unique developments, ideas, non-standard approaches and experiments allow us to find new solutions for the implementation of the most daring ideas and projects. Today I will lift the veil of secrecy and tell you what projects our team is working on.