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New developments of the armored industry of Kazakhstan

As part of the training and demonstration events of the armed forces of Kazakhstan, held in May 2022 in Nur-Sultan, Semey Engineering JSC demonstrated some of the developments of the domestic armored industry among the samples of military equipment.

One of these examples is a tank repair shop based on the Ural NEXT vehicle.

The workshop is designed to perform dismantling and assembly, fitting and other work during the repair of T-72 tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, multi-purpose tractors, Ural, KamAZ vehicles and their modifications, which are in service with the law enforcement agencies of Kazakhstan.

Due to its mobility and versatility, this model may be of interest in terms of organizing urgent and current repairs of armored vehicles right in the area of ​​military maneuvers, significantly speeding up the time for returning equipment to combat formation in the field.