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Meeting of the Public Council was held in «NC «Kazakhstan Engineering» JSC

On December 26, a meeting of the Public Council of «NC «Kazakhstan Engineering» JSC was held with the participation of the Chairman of the Management Board Temirzhan Abdrakhmanov. The questions concerning the current situation in the Company, its participation in major programs and debts were discussed.

A report on the current activities of «NC «Kazakhstan Engineering» JSC was heard. Now the initiative group is developing a new law «On Defense Industry and State Order» aimed primarily at the development of the Kazakh industry and Kazakh manufacturers. Besides, separate elements of automation of the state defense order (hereinafter - SDO), automation of purchases, single source purchases within SDO execution, automation of processes and accounting are proposed.

At the meeting, the results of the work were presented, including the repayment of the Company's debts. As part of the privatization plan, the sale of the Company's interest in «Munaymash» JSC, «PZTM» JSC and «Tynys» JSC was announced. The sale of «ZIKSTO» JSC was completed.

The Comprehensive Privatization Plan for 2021-2025 excluded 4 plants: «Kazakhstan Aviation Industry» LLP, «Semey Engineering» JSC and «Steel Manufacturing» LLP; and «Semipalatinsk Machine-Building Plant» JSC, which is undergoing rehabilitation.

Garyp Ismatov, Deputy Chairman of the Company's Management Board, spoke about the current situation with accounts payable. Now exhaustive measures are taken for timely repayment of the current debt.

In addition, it was informed about increase of salaries to all employees of the holding taking into account inflation level, except for central office.

In its turn, the Public Council submitted a number of proposals to the Development Plan of the Company, which were supported by the management of «NC «Kazakhstan Engineering» JSC:

  1. The possibility of the Company's participation in major projects such as Almaty TPP-2 and Ekibastuz TPP-2 units’ construction.
  2. To consider an approach that does not imply servicing loans at the expense of the Company until the issue is resolved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  3. Analyze the salaries of the Company's employees and the staff of its subsidiaries by January 20, 2023 and submit to the Social Council.
  4. In March 2023 to provide the Public Council with the vision of civil production development.