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Press release on the situation at «S.M. Kirov Machine-Building Plant» JSC

«NC «Kazakhstan engineering» JSC condemns any form of harassment, bullying and destabilization of the climate in the workforce. The company's priority is to take care of its people. Detailed information can be found on the company's website.

With this information notice, we would like to clarify the situation related to the information posted in social networks and some news publications in relation to «S.M. Kirov Machine-Building Plant» JSC (Almaty).

First, we would like to note that the plant is not an enterprise of the defense-industrial complex of Kazakhstan and does not produce or sell weapons and military equipment.

In 2022, an audit conducted by the MIIR RoK revealed numerous violations of laws, regulations and internal rules at the said plant. The director of the plant tasked the management of the Ministry and Kazakhstan Engineering with eliminating the identified violations and stabilizing the situation at the plant, I.B. Akhmet (appointed to this position in September 2022 by a decision of the Board of Directors of the company).

The plant employs 320 people. Most of the staff are highly qualified specialists who are patriots of their country. The General Director of the plant gave an extended interview in which he talked about the current activities of the plant and its development plans. The interview is available on the Kazakhstan Engineering website at:

Currently the plant's Director is working on concluding contracts with both Kazakhstani and foreign customers. The management of the plant is making full-scale efforts to transform the old plant into a new state-of-the-art world-class plant. Investors are invited for creation of new productions. The priority is the development of production facilities for the civil sector.

On the appeal of a small part of the staff of the plant published in social networks on January 20, 2023 the director of the plant gave the following information: «There are the attempts of destabilization of the working atmosphere in the staff of the plant, sabotage and use of the assets of the plant for their personal purposes. This work is conducted in order to discredit the director of the plant, due to the revealed violations. Such as: systematic purchase from one source at overstated prices with violation of established procedures; purchase of unused expensive equipment, writing off new purchased materials and tools, as well as hiring unqualified acquaintances, relatives, children (for example, son of one of the managers works) and other persons. Facts of possible sale of equipment to a classmate of a manager's son are being investigated. There are facts of leasing premises from a private company which has privatized the plant's workshops, and the founder of this private company is one of the managers of the plant and the initiator of complaints against the new director of the plant. »

The director of the plant has sent materials on these facts to the Department of Economic Investigations of Almaty. We expect that law enforcement agencies will objectively examine all materials revealed because of the audit and internal inspection. In addition, the Director of the plant has applied to the Almaty City Prosecutor's Office to conduct a comprehensive audit of the plant's officials.

In its turn, «Kazakhstan engineering» is initiating an internal investigation in order to establish the true circumstances, conditions and causes of the facts stated in the appeal regarding the incident with D.V. Malykhin, an employee of the plant, who was at the plant outside working hours.

«Kazakhstan engineering» Group has a zero-tolerance policy for any actions aimed at destabilizing the climate in the workforce and takes comprehensive measures to prevent such situations. There is a Code of Ethics and relevant internal regulations governing the behavior and relationships of employees, based on the principles of mutual respect, trust, fairness and honesty. There is a Compliance Officer responsible for preventing violations.

We urge members of the media, social media user groups and blogers to verify any information before it is published and to clarify the position of all parties. The management of the plant reserves the right to apply to court to protect its business reputation against those who post false information.

If you have any questions, please contact MZK JSC, as well as the press-service of «Kazakhstan еngineering» by e-mail press@ke.kzor the Chairman of the Board by e-mail

The Company and the Head of the Company are always open to clarify any questions that may arise.