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Regarding false information regarding PZTM JSC

NC Kazakhstan Engineering JSC informs that one of the online publications contains incorrect information regarding the demonstration of 4 types of new generation UAVs assembled by PZTM JSC together with the Chinese side.

The title photo shows an image of a large strike and reconnaissance unmanned Chinese military-industrial complex, followed by comments that China is going to become a rival of the Republic of Turkey in Central Asia in the manufacture of unmanned aerial vehicles.

We would like to emphasize that the original photograph used in this news article has nothing to do with PZTM JSC. The project of the enterprise is a project for monitoring the prevention of forest fires, as well as civil protection through the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Note that these developments and the activities of the plant are in no way connected with the production of strike and reconnaissance UAVs.

Also, that information about the demonstration was previously posted at the link: .

We urge the media, users of social networks and bloggers to check the information before publication and clarify the position of all parties. If you have any questions, please contact Kazakhstan Engineering by e-mail or directly to the Chairman of the Board at .