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In relation to the property of JSC “Machine-Building Plant named after. CM. Kirov"

With this message we would like to clarify the situation related to the information posted on social networks and some news publications regarding the property of JSC “Machine-Building Plant named after. CM. Kirov" (Almaty).

As is known, according to the Comprehensive Privatization Plan, approved by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan,

JSC Machine-Building Plant named after. CM. Kirov" (hereinafter referred to as the Plant) since 2017 is subject to transfer to a competitive environment through the sale of a block of common shares in the amount of 100%.

The plant, having many years of experience, operates as a diversified enterprise, actively developing within the civilian sphere, and is not a military plant. Weapons and military equipment are not produced at the plant.

JSC “NC “Kazakhstan Engineering” (hereinafter referred to as “Kazakhstan Engineering”), executing the Government Resolution, is constantly working to attract potential investors. The plant has been repeatedly put up for auction through the portal.

The main conditions for privatization are the preservation of specialization, the preservation of the entire staff and the development of the Plant in terms of increasing the value of its assets.

"Kazakhstan Engineering", according to the Development Plan for 2020 - 2029, approved by Government Resolution No. 969 of December 25, 2019, does not plan to engage in the production of armored combat vehicles. Since 2018, Kazakhstan Engineering, having withdrawn from the indirect participation of Paramount Kazakhstan Engineering LLP, has no relation to the country’s manufacturing enterprises engaged in the production of armored vehicles and does not participate in their activities.

We urge the media, social network users and bloggers to check information before publication and clarify the position of all parties. For any questions, please contact Kazakhstan Engineering by email or directly to the Chairman of the Board at