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About new projects as part of the rehabilitation of JSC SMZ

The sanatorium of Semipalatinsk Machine-Building Plant JSC has successfully mastered the production of freight gondola cars on the territory of the enterprise. The first samples have already been manufactured and are currently actively used for railway needs.

Currently, the plant has been transferred to the management of OLJAKOL LLP as part of the reorganization program and a new rehabilitation plan. In turn, the Company notes the successful work of the sanatorium to rehabilitate the plant and establish its fruitful activities.

Chairman of the Board of NC Kazakhstan Engineering JSC Temirzhan Abdrakhmanov emphasized: “The plant and the plant staff went through a very difficult period. We were all very worried about the fate of the enterprise. Today, the plant is actively working as part of the development of civil production and further implementation of orders, and the sanatorium is in the process of certifying production and signing agreements with partners on the enterprise’s participation in various productions for the railway industry on the terms of industrial cooperation.”

The company expresses confidence that the sanator and the new rehabilitation manager, who have significant experience in the field of carriage building, will be able to successfully restore the operation of the enterprise.