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N.Nigmatulin met with the labor collective of the plant named after S.M. Kirov

The Chairman of the Mazhilis Nurlan Nigmatulin, during his trip to the North Kazakhstan region, held meetings with labor collectives and visited a number of enterprises in the region.

The speaker of the Mazhilis visited the workshops of one of the oldest enterprises in the region - the plant named after CM. Kirov, where he got acquainted with his new direction of work - the production of microcircuits and printed circuit boards for the electronic industry within the framework of the Digital Kazakhstan Program. Today it is the only domestic enterprise that has established the production of a full range of equipment for digital satellite and broadcasting.

In a conversation with the labor collective, N. Nigmatulin, stressing the importance of modernization of production, paid special attention to the prospects of social support for Kazakhstanis, proposed by the Head of State.

Talking about new opportunities for obtaining a loan for purchasing housing, reducing the tax burden for low-paid workers, the Speaker of the Mazhilis also focused on education issues.

- To improve the access and quality of higher education to the available 54 thousand grants, another 20 thousand will be allocated. More than half of them will be directed to training bachelors in technical specialties. Thus, the issue of not only increasing the availability of higher education is being addressed, but also the staffing of the industrialization program in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Within the framework of this initiative, a very serious problem of providing students with hostels will be solved, - N. Nigmatulin said.

Speaking about the Five Social Initiatives of the President of Kazakhstan, the Chairman of the Mazhilis emphasized that they are based on precisely calculated opportunities of the domestic economy.

- On behalf of the Head of State, the Government has developed a special Roadmap. This suggests that there is a clear, step-by-step plan for the implementation of the President's initiatives. Responsible ministries and departments have been determined and fixed, all terms and mechanisms have been prescribed, - N. Nigmatulin said.

At the same time, the Chairman of the Mazhilis stressed that the Parliament has already begun to provide legislation for a large-scale program of social modernization.

- Creation of a high-quality regulatory framework for the implementation of the Five Social Initiatives of the President for us, MPs, is the main priority of legislative work until the end of the current session, - N. Nigmatulin said.

According to the Speaker of the Mazhilis, the Parliament will have to amend 15 Laws. In particular, in the Civil, Budgetary, Tax Codes, laws on education, banks and payments. Through the prism of the implementation of the President's initiatives, it is necessary to consider the republican budget for 2019-2020 and make changes and additions to the current budget of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

During the conversation, the workers said that they welcomed the social initiatives of the President with enthusiasm and pin great hopes on the proposals of Elbasy.

Press service of the Mazhilis