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Kulmagambetov Arman Sansyzbaevich

General Director

Arman Sansyzbayevich Kulmagambetov is an experienced manager who, by the decision of the Board of Directors of Kazakhstan Engineering National Company JSC dated April 11, 2023, was appointed as the General Director of Petropavlovsk Heavy Machine Building Plant JSC.

Arman Kulmagambetov was born in 1984. Higher education. Graduated from the Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communications. M. Tynyshpaeva; NUST MISIS, Moscow; KazGUU Semey. He has extensive managerial experience in the railway and metallurgical industries. Over the years, he worked in the group of companies NC KTZ JSC, Uzbek Metallurgical Plant JSC, as well as BUREAU VERITAS (HSE Department). Has a number of awards for achievements in professional activities:

  • 2014 - Medal "Kazakhstan temir zholyna 110 zhyl"
  • 2016 -Medal "For Professional Merit"
  • 2017 – Certificate of Honor of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • 2018 – Name watch of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • 2019 – Honorary diploma of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • 2020 –Medal "90 years of Turksib" JSC "NC "KTZ"
  • 2021 –Medal “EL TAUELSIZDIGINE 30 ZHYL”
  • 2022 –Medal “Tauelsizdikke koskan ulesi ushin”

Arman Sansyzbayevich supports a healthy lifestyle and encourages his employees to do so. He is also an exemplary family man and has four children. It should be noted that his extensive experience and leadership qualities make him a valuable asset for any organization. Kulmagambetov Arman treats the older generation with reverence and respect, not forgetting labor veterans who share their work experience with him.