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On October 28, 2019 in Nur Sultan, an export delivery of an “Airbus Helicopters” helicopter to Tajikistan took place. This board is the first Airbus Helicopters helicopter in Tajikistan, the assembly of which was carried out by a joint venture of Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering LLP (50% of JSC NC Kazakhstan Engineering - 50% of Airbus Helicopters).

It should be emphasized that the implementation of the project became possible with the support of the government represented by the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the participation of “KazakhExport” Export Insurance Company JSC. 

“Today we are actively working to increase production capacity, import substitution and develop the company's export potential. This deal is a very important event, in view of the opening of a new market both in Tajikistan and in Central Asia as a whole. In addition, the export of helicopter repair and maintenance services and flight crew training is growing annually. On the whole, in the group of the company JSC Kazakhstan NK Engineering, the export of special and dual-use products is expected to grow by 30% compared to last year. This supply opens up prospects for the development of the company's export potential, ”said Kuanysh Bishimov, Chairman of the Management Board of NK Kazakhstan Engineering JSC .

"Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering" is the only company in the CIS and Central Asia, which sells N145 helicopters, N130, H125, and related services (training of flight and technical personnel, maintenance) on the Kazakhstan market and distribution area (Kyrgyzstan, T ajikistan, Mongolia and Russia).

A service center has been created at the plant to provide qualified services for maintaining the airworthiness of helicopters, as well as repair and technical support. The center provides high-tech equipment, ensures the availability of spare parts and tools in the warehouse of the enterprise. Online service provided by certified professionals ensures a high level of quality, performance and safety.

Press Service of JSC "NK "Kazakhstan Engineering"